Things you don't get told about Labor and Delivery.


Following on from my previous post I decided to do another post about Labor and Delivery and this time I have chosen to share with you all the parts that you simply don't get told and then are not prepared for, well at least I know I wasn't.

My whole labor and delivery experience wasn't what I had expected at all, my whole pregnancy I had planned to have a water birth with gas and air so when I got told at the Hospital that it wasn't going to happen how I had planned it was a big shock but things do not always go as planned despite how much you may want them too.
Sometimes you won't realise when you're dilated... 
My contractions became noticeable at around 11 pm and at 12:30 pm I decided to go to the hospital thinking that I would maybe only be 1 cm dilated if that, once I was examined I was told that I was actually 3 nearly 4 cm meaning that I then wasn't allowed to leave because I was now in 'active labor'. The reason why this is included in this post is because I would of had no idea that I was that dilated because the pain was so little, I was made to believe that you would be in excruciating pain at this point but for me that wasn't the case.

The after birth cramps... 
This was the first thing that came into my mind when I was planning this post. I had no idea that this was even a thing let alone how painful it would be. After giving birth all your organs begin to move down and your uterus contracts meaning you feel like you're giving birth all over again. I remember lying there a few hours after Maci was born and my epidural was wearing off thinking that I was actually going to die, the pain was unbelievable.

How great Epidurals are...
When writing my birth plan at around 34 weeks pregnant I remember saying to my midwife that I did not want an epidural because of the horror stories I had heard. But I simply could not of given birth to Maci safely without an Epidural, it make the terrifying experience bearable and for that I would recommend it to anyone.

It's OK not to be OK...
Now this is a big one, as I said before I had planned a water birth for my whole pregnancy and I was so set on it happening that I hadn't considered what would happen if I wasn't able to have one. When I was told at the Hospital that I wasn't able to have one, I burst into tears. I hadn't considered or researched any other ways of giving birth and I felt totally unprepared for the biggest and let's face it, most painful experience I would most likely ever have to go through and that was utterly terrifying. For days after Maci was born I felt numb, now at the time I put this down to the fact I had to have a large blood transfusion after my Episiotomy but I think now it was because I was in shock. My 'perfect birth' and how I had planned it for months had happened and not how I wanted it to happen, I would get so frustrated with people when they would say 'But at least she is here safety' because of course they were right but it had happened how I didn't want it to happen. 
What i'm trying to say is that it is ok to not be ok.

(There are many things that could happen which you aren't told about beforehand, stay confident in yourself and you'll be absolutely fine!)

Until next time,

My Labor and Delivery Story

How I became Maci's Mummy -

On Monday 11th the pains started, I wasn't sure if this was the real thing but all I knew was that it was a pain that I have never felt before... I rang the midwife labour line and spoke to a lovely lady who told me that she thought that this was it, this was the start of the most excruciating and astonishing experience that I would ever have. We made our way to the Hospital (this was at about 11:30 pm) thinking that this definitely was a false alarm, oh how we were wrong! Little did I know that I wouldn't be leaving the Hospital without my baby in my arms.

When we made it to the hospital my contractions had become a lot more frequent and painful I was beginning to believe that I may actually be in labour. Calum dropped me at the main door so that I didn't have to walk up the horrendous stairs from the carpark to the lifts in the hospital, all I can remember was getting this overwhelming pain take over my body and grabbing onto the nearest thing to me which happened to be a wheelchair that was parked in the opening of the big doors.

We finally made our way up to the labour ward and we were shown to a little room and this is when it all became slightly blurry from this point on... as significant things were happening I recorded the time on my phone so that it would help me when I came to writing this post.

At 1am (after arriving at the hospital at 12:30ish) I had my first examination which showed that I was already 3cm dilated. So at this point I was given the choice to either go home or stay at the hospital because my contraction at this point were regular and progressing well, I decided to stay at the hospital because of how quick everything seemed to be happening.

At 12pm (Lunch time) I had another examination which showed I had only progressed to 4cm dilated and at this point my contractions had slowed down and almost stopped.
I was then given the choice if I wanted the midwife to break my waters because they believed that if they did this it would bring on my contractions again naturally, so once again I agreed and they went ahead and broke my waters (which literally feels like you wet yourself!)

After breaking my waters we were told to go for a walk around the hospital to try and bring on the contractions again, when we returned back to our room I was given another examination (a few hours later) and I still hadn't progressed anymore, at this point the doctors and midwives started worrying.

I was then told that because my body wasn't contracting naturally that I would have to be put onto a hormone drip to effectively induce labour - the reason why I couldn't go home or leave at this point was because they had broken my waters and if left for longer than 24 hours it can be extremely dangerous for mum and baby as you are both prone to infection at that point. So I was taken down to another room to be induced and once this happened the contractions started coming on extremely strong and before I knew it I was being told I was ready to push if I needed to.

After pushing for what seemed a lifetime nothing seemed to be happening, I was surrounded by medical professionals and it all started getting quite scary. At this point I had been in labour for over 48 hours and I was exhausted and delirious (hence needing notes from my phone) I then started getting the huge urge to push and before I knew it I was demanding an epidural. A Doctor then came into the room and told me that my baby was 'back to back' which was why I was in so much pain and why she wasn't coming out naturally. All I can remember are the words 'Theatre, forceps and episiotomy' coming out of her mouth and simply panicking.

Before I knew it I was getting wheeled down a long corridor staring at the ceiling wondering what was happening, I was then pushed through these huge double doors and faced with an operating theatre which I have only ever seen in movies. I knew the Doctors knew what they were doing and that this is what it needed to get my baby out safely.

The whole thing was terrifying until I saw a familiar face walk into the room wearing scrubs, Calum sat down next to me and I remember asking the anesthetists if I could hold his hand to which he replied 'yes'.

Before I knew it our little girl was born, Maci Rose Thorne was born at 8:05 am on Wednesday 13th June 2018 and from that point on our lives changed forever.

Little did I know, this wasn't the end of the Labour and Delivery story... after Maci was born I was informed that during the Episiotomy I bled out and lost approximately 1.5 litres of blood meaning I then needed a transfusion, also due to the epidural I couldn't really hold Maci for the first 24 hours due to being numb from the chest down meaning Calum gave her her first bottle, changed her for the first time and it was so beautiful to watch.

Its safe to say the Labour and Delivery was immensely scary and traumatising although from the awful experience we got the best gift ever, our little girl.

On Friday 15th June 2018 we left the hospital both doing well and that's the start of our new story...

Until next time,

What's In My Hospital Bags? (First Time Mum)


For those of you who are new here,  Hello and welcome to my blog. I thought as this post may seem a little 'random' that I would reintroduce myself to those of you who are reading my blog for the first ever time. 

I am Storm, I am 19 years old from the UK and I am a trained Beauty Therapist. I have been blogging for as long as I can remember and it is definitely my guilty pleasure. Now you're probably wondering why I'm writing a post about Hospital Bags, well... I am expecting my first baby any day now and I couldn't be more excited (and scared!) Obviously a huge part of having a baby is the preparation you need to make including packing those all important hospital bag/s and when searching through the internet for ideas I realised that there isn't enough posts helping ladies so I figured I would add my piece. 

Obviously everyone's birth's and labours are different so what one women may need another may not so this is just a rough guide of what you may want to pack in your hospital bags (one bag for baby and one for you!)

What's In The Baby's Bag 

Pre made bottles of formula (I am not breastfeeding and I have chosen to use 'Cow & Gate' formula)
Blanket of some kind 
1x Pack of Pampers Newborn Nappies
Baby wipes (I am using 'Waterwipes')
1 tube of Bepanthen cream
4 Large muslin squares
1 'fleecy' baby grow
6 vests
6 baby grows
3 cotton hats
1 pack of 'Dummies'
Also make sure you have the carseat with you as the hospital will not let you leave without it!

As I mentioned above this list will vary depending on what labour and delivery you have, I am expecting a 'low risk' labour and delivery and should hopefully be out of hospital within a couple of days. Also if you are Breastfeeding you will need different items too.

What's In My Hospital Bag.

Thin Dressing Gown
Underwear (You may want to purchase 'disposable underwear)
New Set Of Pajamas
Vest top/Bikini top (If you're wanting a waterbirth, make sure its one you don't want to keep!)
Toothbrush/es (One for you and your birthing partner)
Phone Charger
Face wipes
Breast Pads
Maternity Pads (Oh the glamour!)
Spray Bottle For Water
Lip Balm
Change for the Carpark
Snacks (easy to eat, such as; crisps, granola bars etc)
Change of Clothes To Come Home

If there is anything that I have missed off this list please leave it below in the comments!

I hope this post has helped some of you to pack your Hospital bags and If this is the case I would like to take the opportunity to say Congratulations and good luck with your labour and delivery. 

It is likely that my next post will be introducing my little girl to you all, how crazy is that?

So until next time,

The Body Shop - Body Yogurts & Face Mist Launch! 100% Vegan


The other evening I was lucky enough to of been invited to an Exclusive event at The Body Shop - The event was to Launch two new products; Body Yogurts and The Face Mists.

 For those of you who have been here for a while you will know that I am a lover of all things from The Body Shop and you will always find at least one of there products on my bathroom shelf that I use daily so the launch of two new products was exciting for me!

(Bunny Headband, Bath Bombs/bubble Bars, Strawberry Lip Balm & Almond Milk Body Yogurt - these products were purchased with my own money although the other products featured were gifted by The Body Shop)

Now I must admit when I heard that another Body Butter type product was launching I was fairly specticle about it, now since getting pregnant I have been using many different types of Body Butter/Lotions daily to try and prevent stretch marks so I have used many different brands. One thing I found with applying these different products is that once you have applied them you then have to sit around and wait for the product to 'soak in' meaning you can't just rush out or with some even sit down due to sticking to the furniture *not good*

Although it became apparent to me after watching the demonstration of the new Body Yogurts that this wasn't the case with this product, it soaks in in only 15 seconds... yes that's right! It's simply amazing and the Almond Milk scent smells delicious.

(Directly from The Body Shop's Website describing the new Body Yogurts)
NEW lightweight, fast-absorbing gel-cream formula
100% vegan
48hr moisture
Enriched with Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain
87% agree the formula absorbs instantly*
86% like that the formula works on damp skin*
3 in 4 agree they can put their jeans on straight after application*95% agree skin feels moisturised*81% agree skin appears radiant* *User trial on 104 women & men.

The other Brand new product that launched were the incredible Face Mists. These come in a range of scents such as; Coco Calming (Hydrates), Strawberry Smoothing (Hydrates), Mint Matifying (Mattifies), Mandarin Energising
(Energising) and Rose Dewy Glow (Illuminates).
All these face mists are Makeup friendly meaning you can apply them over your makeup and they will not disturb it although they do not set makeup. They are also all hydrating.

I chose the Coco Calming Face Mist because it smells amazing and will be perfect for everyday use and to pop into my hospital bag! 

I hope this post may of inspired you to pop into your local Body Shop and try out some of there new products which are also 100% vegan. I am honestly blown away with the new products and I have been using both of them daily. 

Once again thank you to Soton Bloggers and The Body Shop.

Until next time,

Emma's Beautique - Capital FM


A few weeks ago I attended an event hosted by Capital FM's Emma at the Hilton Ageas Bowl.  The evening was full of large and small Beauty, Hair and Skincare brands demonstrating and showing off their products. The evening also included various blogging panels and talks from Clinique and some of the other brands who attended. 

 The Body Shop's products looking good enough to eat! (Definitely don't do that, although they are 100% vegan!)

Clarins were offering free makeovers in store along with some great samples.

We were greeted with tasty Ice Cream from Jude's - The Very Vanilla flavour was scrumptious!

I was very excited to attend this event after hearing about it last year and unfortunately not being able to go but luckily this year I could (despite waddling round!) Once again same as many of the other events I attend I went with some of the lovely girlies from #SotonBloggers. 

The event was in aid of Globals Make Some Noise charity who help support disadvantaged children and young people across the UK and all the money raised from the raffles and entry fees went to this great charity.

Of course no event is complete without some great photo opportunities! 

Posing with the lovely Southampton Blogger Girlies (left to right)

 I was lucky enough to try out some of Laura Geller's new products too! Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a big lipstick and gloss girl so any chance I get to try out some new lip products I jump at. Here I am trying out Laura Geller's New York Color Luster Hi Def Lip Topper. Which I am so gutted I didn't buy on the evening because it felt incredible, I might have to make a trip to Debenhams soon.

 Once we had wondered round the incredible brands and demonstrations we then sat and watched a great panel all about blogging, beauty, skincare and social media. It was really lovely and inspiring to sit back and watch these lovely ladies take their hobbies (blogging) and speak about it to a large audience.
(Left to right)

I would like to say a massive thank you to Emma and Capital South Coast for hosting this delightful event, The Hilton Ageas Bowl for such a prestigious venue and to all the Brands who took their time showing us their products, thank you!

Until next time,

30 Week Pregnancy Update (Bump Shot)


Once again I can't believe I am sat here writing my 30 week pregnancy update, it seems like only a couple of weeks ago I was posting my 20 week update. 
Only 10 weeks to go until we meet our princess and we couldn't be more excited! 

1. How many months pregnant are you?
I am 30 weeks which is approximately 8 months apparently?

2. Do you know the sex of the baby?
Yes, we found out at 16 weeks and we're having a girl.

3. Do you want more children?
I definitely don't want any until this little one is at school because due to my Hyperemesis Gravidarum it is likely it would occur with other pregnancies and I am barely able to function when im poorly, let alone look after a little baby too.

4. What’s been your biggest craving?
I haven't really had many cravings although I do find myself eating a lot of sweets which I never usually do.

5.What’s been the best part of being pregnant?

Growing our little human and feeling her move.

6. What’s been the worst part of being pregnant?
The sickness and not being able to work since early on in the pregnancy.

7. Do you have any names picked out?
Yes we do but it's a secret!

8. Who will be with you during labor?
My partner.

9. Do you have a birth plan?
I haven't yet spoken to my midwife about my birth plan although I believe we do so in my next appointment (next week) 
At the beginning of the pregnancy I was set on having a water birth with just gas and air although now I am leaning towards wanting an epidural but its impossible to know how you will cope with the pain until it happens.

10. Will you record your labor?
I wont be, no.

11. Natural or medicated birth?
Medicated, if gas and air counts?

12. Are you scared about labor?
To be quite honest I have been fairly 'chilled' out about the thought of labour until the last few weeks when I've been experiencing Braxton Hicks. I am beginning to get more and more nervous & scared as the weeks go on.

13. What do you most look forward to after pregnancy?
Having my body back -  Now as 'bad' as that may sound these last 9 months have been very difficult for me, I have experienced things that I could never of imagined and it has changed my life. Of course I can't wait to meet our baby too!

14. Will you breastfeed?

I have decided to bottle feed from birth.

15. Do you plan to work or be a stay at home mom?
I will be a stay at home mum and work the odd days when I can.

16. Will you make your own baby food?
When it comes to weaning then yes although I will also be buying baby food from supermarkets for practical reasons.

17. Do you have any nursery ideas/themes?
I actually won't be having a nursery due to our current living situation although I will put some photos below of nurseries that I do like! 

So here's to the next 10 weeks, I have a very busy few weeks with various things such as my baby shower, midwife appointments and of course the final preparations for our baby. I will be posting updates on Instagram and blog posts when I can.

Until next time,

Bump shot at 30 weeks.

Pizza, non alcoholic cocktails and great company! - Supermarine


On thursday evening I was fortunate enough to be invited to an event at Supermarine in Woolston as part of the Sotonbloggers. For those of you who may not be familiar with Soton Bloggers (Southampton Bloggers) it is a group for bloggers, vloggers and influencers run by the lovely Alice Spake. 

For this particular event we attended Supermarine in Woolston which is a 'wood fired Pizza' restaurant and who doesn't love a good pizza, right? This event was a chance for the restaurant to show us there new menu and we were definitely all  
blown away.

One thing that I really noticed about the menu at Supermarine was that they really cater for everyone despite some of us bloggers being vegan, gluten free or vegetarian (not myself, but others!) We had a large selection of starters which consisted of; Pesto and fresh basil Crostini, Avocado and Balsamic Crostini, Sausage and Mozzarella Crostini, Nocellare Del Belice Olives and Cured Meat.

I was so gutted that I wasn't able to drink because the cocktails looked incredible although I was able to enjoy a non alcoholic mojito which was extraordinary.

The interior decor was very swarve too from the copper lights and bare ceilings to the fresh flowers on the tables it was very instagramable (perfect for a group of bloggers!)

 How gorgeous is the interior decor though?!

The pizzas are all cooked in the wood fire oven which you can view from your table, this gives the pizzas a really fresh taste. The pizzas that we enjoyed were done in sections so that we could sample all of the different ones on offer at Supermarine. 

They do not just do 'savoury pizzas' - We also were treated to the delightful desert pizza covered in fresh strawberries and nutella.

Now would I go back to Supermarine? Yes definitely, the pizzas were so tasty how could one not? All the staff were lovely and couldn't of been better hosts, so thank you for having us all and putting up with us positioning food to get 'good lighting'. You can find Supermarines' new menu here 

 I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the girls that attended this event and of course to Alice for organising such a wonderful evening, it was my first Soton Bloggers event and to be quite honest I was fairly nervous and I look forward to my next one. I came away from this event feeling so inspired and motivated   after spending time with such a                                                                   wonderful group of talented women.

You can find all these lovely ladies below -